whitfield advantage ii-t

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    Whitfield Advantage II-T

    The gold metal decorative strip located on the side of the Whitfield stove has come off. It looks like it was put in place with some sort of double sided tape. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to reinstall it? Where can I find double sided high temperature tape?
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    1993 Whitfield Advantage ii-T (iii?)

    Hello all, After reading through numerous threads as well as the service manual I've been chasing down a few problems and have managed to solve a handful as well. One that eludes me is this "surging" of the convection motor as the auger operates. It happens regardless of the state of the stove-...
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    Whitfield Advantage II-T HELP

    Hello All, I am hoping someone may be able to give me a little advice on my issue. I have a Whitfield Advantage II-T free standing pellet stove. I had just replaced the auger motor last week as well as the brass bushing/plate because the auger stopped working. This seemed to fix the issue. It...
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    Blower Fan Cuts Off

    Hi, I have a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove. The blower fan has a problem in that it cuts off when I increase the speed. If I start on the lowest speed setting for the blower, I can gradually increase the speed using the dial, and the I can hear that the fan speed increases. When I get...
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    Whitfield Advantage combustion fan problem - wiring?!

    Hi yall, Just bought my first pellet stove used, a Whitfield Advantage 2-t standalone. Got it home and installed and the combustion fan wont kick on. Took the 2 yellow wires off the sensor that's attached to it, hoping that was the problem, touched them together and it starts the convection fan...
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    Whitfield Advantage II-T Auger Motor Help

    Installed a new auger motor worked like a champ (1 night). Then I got a pellet jam. Cleaned it all out now motor turns on (can see the thing spinning on the back) but its shaft does not spin in or when I had it out of the stove? I am stumped
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    Whitfield control board challenges

    HI all, I really hope somebody can help me and if that is not the case prevent somebody from being duped. I had some challenges with my Whitfield II advantage controlboard. Based on recommendations from this forum ( and others) I reached out to David Boyce and after some great email...
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    DIY Whitfield Advantage II-T Repairs?

    Hello! This forum has been very educational - thanks! We inherited a Whitfield Advantage II-T pellet stove with the house we bought 6 years ago and haven't done much to it other than cleaning. Lately, fans have started sounding like they're on their way out and we're having a hard time...