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  1. T

    Questions~ Fireview Soapstone Refurbish Recommendations

    We bought a used Fireview stove a couple years ago for $800 and I think we are finally ready to get it ready to install! We live in Eastern Oregon and we plan to install in our manufactured home, we will be calling Woodstock to order the fresh air kit and chimney heat shield (it already had a...
  2. S

    Refurbishing Jotul Alpha (1989)

    I recently came into possession of a Jotul Alpha manufactured in 1989. The idea is to eventually use this to heat my detached two car garage workshop. I have had zero experience with woodstoves so I am learning as I go. The stove appears to have the majority of parts aside from a hinge pin...
  3. T

    Vermont Castings Resolute 1979

    Hey folks, been reading for a while trying to figure out a solution to a problem I have. I came across this stove via a friend who's auntie owns stables. she put up this stove on facebook ''free to someone who can collect''. I thought it looked nice, and despite having ZERO prior stove...
  4. B

    Hearthstone Homestead Rear Panel Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the rear or back panel of a hearthstone stove? What does this entail? We have a beautiful stove with a crack near the collar on the back panel. Our chimney guy said it would cost $2000 to replace but the part costs $700. That makes me think it isn't easy, but if we could do...
  5. DarwinsFlinch

    Reassemble/Refurbish Fireplace

    Hi gang... We bought a foreclosure that is also fixer-upper. I inherited a firebox/hearth that I want to put back together. Aside from having the chimney cleaned and inspected, what pitfalls should I watch out for? The overall plan is to install laminate flooring so, should the hearth go on top...