Hearthstone Manchester issues

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Yes, I do understand the damage it could do if left unattended. Therefore I always set a timer on Alexa or my phone to remind me to return in 10 minutes to check on it and close the door.
That's enough time to crack the base on a cold start. Using the ashpan door causes a forge-like condition to develop at the grate. The sudden heat up in the center while the outer edges of the base are cold can crack it due to the differing rates of expansion. With a top down start air at the base of the fire will be irrelevant for starting purposes.
Very interesting.. It never crossed my mind that 10 min could/would do that. Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated! 👍
It's why the manual explicitly says:
3) Light the paper under the kindling. Leave the door slightly ajar momentarily until the kindling has started to burn and draft begins to pull (never open ash door to establish draft). :ZZZ

We've seen this happen on some Jotul stoves. Here is what it looks like:

Jotul base crack3.jpg Jotul base crack2.jpg
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Thanks be green, I certainly dont want to crack the stove base..
and yes I read the manual, however, I thought 30 years of experience taught me better. lol.. Glad you were around or I could have had some major issues down the road..

The top down fire start combined with the 45 vs the 90 has been much better,
I no longer need to open the ashpan door. I just crack the side door for a minute or two and I'm all set. Glass is staying cleaner as well.
I was at wrestling with my kid the other day and met another parent who bought the same stove from the same place. His experience with the stove and the dealer mirrored mine. He also can't seem to get enough heat out of it and the dealer's sub did the install on it. He did say he bought some kiln dried wood and was doing a little better with it, but was completely underwhelmed thus far..He is in his second year with it. After talking to him I feel as if I am doing ok. The help on this forum has gotten me to a place where I am comfortable with the stove. Just got to try and get some better wood for next year.. I may even build a solar kiln.. .

I did get out fishing.. Caught some beautiful lake trout.. A 6 and a 10lb 'er pics attached!!

Hearthstone Manchester issues Hearthstone Manchester issues
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