Hearthstone Phoenix Baffle Firebrick Size?

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New Member
Dec 20, 2022
Hi all,

I recently purchased a used Hearthstone Phoenix (I'm pretty sure it's the 8611 model) in great condition to heat an outbuilding and woodworking shop. The soapstones are in good shape, but the firebricks on the back wall were significantly cracked and 2 of the top baffle firebricks were missing. The manual I found online indicated that these should be the standard 9x4.5x1.25" firebricks, which are readily available. I was able to remove all the old ones without a problem.

I grabbed new firebricks (and measured to confirm their size), but they don't seem to fit -- maybe 1/16" too wide for the back application and (perhaps) need to have their ends cut at an angle to fit in the top baffle section. Does this seem to square with others who have this stove, or is it that I just need to clean the openings further and gentle (but firmly) force the firebricks into position? I didn't want to force (or break) them unless I was sure this was the correct size for the application. Or do they indeed need to be cut down (thinner for the back wall and at an angle for the top baffle)?

Any advice?

Thanks so much,
Check to see if the bricks are slightly large. Perhaps shave off 1/16th of an inch by sanding them on a sheet of very coarse grit sandpaper.