Heat Exchangers for Zero Clearance wood stove?

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Dec 31, 2015

I'm looking at buying a Heatilator SC60. The big drawback for me (compared to its much more expensive cousins from Heatilator) is that it doesn't have any additional heat ducts for additional rooms. Other units/brands seem to have up to 2 ducts (in addition to the main fan for blowing forward into the room where the stove is located).

Does anyone know of any heat exchange solutions for zero clearance stoves? My local fireplace guy tells me there's no such animal in terms of the stovepipe (on classic wood stoves, many options for a heat exchanger insert in the pipl) since the zero clearance stove installed in a non-masonry chase is insulated. No one sells a special heat exchanging section of pipe.

Are there other solutions?
on classic wood stoves, many options for a heat exchanger insert in the pipl
many options yes but none that should be used. Let the design of the stove do what it is supposed to do
If the goal is to heat 24/7 with the fireplace then get a good EPA zero-clearance fireplace that is ductable. You may need to buy a special blower kit for this option depending on the fireplace and home layout. The Flame Monaco XTD is a good value fireplace.
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