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    Is my Hearthstone Heritage wood stove going to get hot enough on top to boil water in a cast iron tea kettle or to cook soup? The stove is not promoted as having a cook top they way some stoves are.


    I have found an answer regarding my question on cooking atop a Hearthstone Heritage. I thought I would reply to my own query so that an answer was available for hearth.com's very nice Q&A archive. A Hearthstone Heritage dealer responded to my question by e-mail with this information:

    Many HearthStone owners do use their stove tops for heating water / soups and the surface temperatures on the top can reach 600+ degrees F. fired 'hot'. More typically, though, temperatures would vary around 250 - 400 or so. Temperature will have much to do with fuel quality, air settings, and draft.

    On the down side, the surface of a soapstone stove is 'soft', and the use of cooking pots, etc., will easily mar the polished surface. If you view these scratches as 'character lines' like carvings on a wooden table or desk,you won't be too upset. If you want to preserve the original polished look,we would suggest you avoid placing any cooking pots on the stove.

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