Heat-N-Glo SLR-D COSMO Non Combustible Board Front thermal barrier

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Jun 17, 2019
Seattle Washington
Dear Friends, had impact damage to fireplace chase facade where I have to repair the tile near the surround of the units opening . The unit amazingly not damaged - but the front thermal barrier is broke.

the fireplace is a Heat-N-Glo SLR-D COSMO 42 " - the front face top and sides of the unit have a 1/2" ceramic thermal barrier panel that looks like a big square horseshoe around the front opening. (refractory type heat shield material - 1/2" thick) ( H-N-G part number 2333-405)

Question - where to get one of these to replace it - it looks like typical refractory calcium or alumina silicate thermal barrier panel - any ideas ?



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How bad is the damage to the panel? Is it just cracked or shattered into dust? If just cracked maybe repair with refractory cement?

Have you tried calling the dealer? There are several premier heat n glo dealers in Western WA. Try calling around to a few of their service depts and ask what they would recommend for the repair.
Bummer, so a complete teardown of the tile front and replacement, no possible repair of the damaged area?