Heatilator Issues - Please help

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New Member
Dec 12, 2021
Harrisburg, NC

New member here to hopefully troubleshoot my faulty heatilator model NB4236I.

I was enjoying the fireplace one evening then it just stopped. When I flip the switch on no spark happens. I’ve had two fireplace repair vendors out and so far neither have made headway.

Troubleshooting performed:

I checked the continuity of the switch, checked voltage of power supply. Replaced dexen control module, replaced power supply. Still not working. I sent the parts back.

Company 1: checked switch, ground and then replaced the control module and ignition/pilot assembly. Also tried battery backup. Nothing fixed it so put all old parts back on.

Company 2: checked switch, ground and tried battery backup. They then called heatilator support who recommended replacing the control module. I explained we’ve already tried two but they felt it could still be that.

I paid company 1 $65 and now have paid company 2 $330 so far. This company will charge me another $150 to come out and install the control model which I’m confident won’t fix the issues.

Any advice on what I can check knowing what I have already checked or replaced?
Are you using a wall switch or the tech switch underneath the firebox?
Have you replaced the pilot assembly?
How old is the appliance?