Help Me ID This Wood Burner Stove, Please

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Oct 23, 2022
Hi all. Just joined the forum to post this request. I said to the missus "I bet there's a forum for wood burning stoves" and the intarwebs didn't let me down. So here goes:

Last year we moved into this property with a wood-burner. No brand name or identifying markings. All there is is a wee metal badge on the side which is almost rubbed smooth but which, from what's left I can see is just a CE mark and text sying "Read the Instructions" in various languages. Anyway, having used the stove last winter, I think it's due a bit of renovation before this one descends on us.

I've already oredered some vermiculite panels to replace the liners which are broken in so many places they're like a jigsaw puzzle. But I've also noticed that the baffle plate is warped and has bits cracked off at the back. So there's a gap at the back. So I need to get a new baffle plate. Hence this SOS as I need to ID the stove...

Some dimensions, before the pic-fest:

Not counting the base, the stove is roughly:

WIDTH: 36cm
HEIGHT: 41cm
DEPTH: 23cm

The baffle plate is rectangular; WIDHT: 32cm, DEPTH: 17cm and flat apart from the rearmost 5cm which is sloped down at an angle [presumably intended to rest on the top of the rear liner.

Some piccies:

Help Me ID This Wood Burner Stove, Please

Help Me ID This Wood Burner Stove, Please

Help Me ID This Wood Burner Stove, Please

A bit hard to get a decently lit shot of the baffle plate. But you can see where it's cracked off along the back edge, so no longer meeting the rear liner properly.

So, anyone recognise this, or the type of baffle plate, from my description above?

Thanks in advance!
That looks like firebrick that is cracked or separated. Looks like maybe a European stove! Possibly Irish? Reminds me somewhat of an old Waterford stove I had a while back.
Yes. The liners are cracked on each side. The baffle is cast iron [or some kind of metal anyway]

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try and track down some pics of a Waterford. We're not in Ireland though. We're in UK.