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    May 20, 2008
    North East Pennsylvania
    I posted not to long ago my Harman TL 300 and its New Hearth. I am a new wood burner as mentioned and had everthing installed new (Chimney and hearth).

    However I have a major problem. The stove requires 6 inch 24 guage black stove pipe. The problem is the crock/thimble measures less than 6 inches. This is a clay thimble/crock vented into a masonary chimney. After hours of trying to get the stove pipe in and also talkng to the individuals I purchased the stove it was a failure. We got the pipe in three inches and all crimped terrible. The pressure even broke the bottom of the thimble /crock.

    So what we decided to do is take it out. What a task. I have about half out and nervous as hell worring that I am going to break the flue behind.

    I am looking for sugesstions.

    I thought butting with a new piece such as a seven inch timble/crock and putting the mud around it. Does this present a problem. Or should I have it totally removed and replace it with the new one hoping not to crack the flue.

    Any suggestions is greatlly apprecieated!!!!!!
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