Hi I have replaced ignition unit on my heat n glo HHT Pilot Assembly NG (2166-370) twice now. The fi

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Jan 30, 2019
Hi all! I am having a problem with my heat n glo fireplace 6000c ipi. I have replaced the HHT Pilot Assembly NG (2166-370) twice now and the fireplace won't ignite again. Both times as soon as I installed pilot assembly the fireplace lit right up. The first time it quit working after a month so I returned it thinking it was defective. I installed the new pilot assembly and now it's been about a month and it won't light again. The pilot lights up but won't spark to the jets. Does anyone have an idea what I should do? Ty
Is there a solenoid that controls the gas to the burner? It might be sticking. Have it a slight "rap" with the plastic handle of a screwdriver to see if that frees it up. Don't hit it really hard...

You apparently have the pilot assembly described above ---please confirm that.

This is a pilot assembly for an intermittent pilot ignition system. In between uses of the fireplace, the pilot light is shut off. When you turn on the main burner, the electronic ignition control turns on the gas to the pilot burner and turns on a spark to light the pilot burner gas. When the pilot burner lights, the ignition control verifies that the pilot is lit and shuts off the spark and turns on the main burner gas, which lights off the pilot burner.

Your description of what is happening in your fireplace is vague. Please carefully describe how far along this ignition sequence gets before it stops going further. Does the spark turn on? Does the pilot burner light? Does the pilot stay lit, or does it shut off?

And please post the make and model of the ignition control, which will be found on the ignition control module.