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willc Posted By willc, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:03 PM

  1. willc

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    Dec 7, 2012
    Hi My name is Will and this is not my first wood stove. I have a small house 917sf with the stove in the middle on a huge hearth made of granite and rock and stone. I have two 90 degree turns in my six inch single wall flue that is in a precast liner.
    My question is I now have a blazeking KTJ 303 from the late 70's . I think it is over sized for the house. If it get to operating temp ( I have not put a thermometer on it yet) with the thermostat on one it heats up to about 86 in the house ( two digital Tstat readings for the back up heat ). I am looking at replacing it if it is too large.
    I am looking at a jotul cb3 to replace it with to slow the wood consumption as it take a lot of wood to get the Blaze king up and running.

    So what am I to do here? Do I need more pratice with the blazeking or is it too large? I am burning oak if that helps . Or should I get the Jotul or any other smaller stove .
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome Will. You are totally right. This stove is seriously oversized for your house unless you like living in a sauna. But going to the Jotul F3CB is the opposite extreme and may not be satisfying because it's a small firebox and therefore a short burn time. Expect to reload every 3-4 hrs. For a longer burn, take a look at the Woodstock Keystone. I think that is the Goldilocks size that will be just about right. There are several other stoves that would also work if you don't like the looks or don't want a catalytic stove. Some of these would be the Hearthstone Shelburne, Hampton H300, Pacific Energy Alderlea T5, Quadrafire Cumberland Gap, or Napoleon 1400C.
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    Good post begreen, I agree the stove is way too big.
    I'll add: the Blaze king Sirroco, great stove for 1000sqft, up to 20hr burns on low

    I've sold a few now, and they work as advertised
  4. Motor7

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    Paint that BK up and I don't think you will have much trouble selling it......!

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