Hi500 door problem

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New Member
Nov 1, 2022
new england
Got my hi500 last year...

The door seems to be a touch loose... Such that when the door is open whether it's all the way swung open or just cracked open The far side of the door away from the hinge where the latches sort of sags down just a small amount.

What this means is when I go to close the door I have to lift it up a little bit to compensate, and then once lined up perfectly I have to push it in pretty hard in while pushing the latch down pretty hard as well.

I don't see any sort of adjustment on the door hinge so I'm not sure if this is just the way it's designed to function?
Possibly? I was checking here with other owners first to see if there was an adjustment I just wasn't aware of before i started monkeying with it
I think the hinge pins on the stove are on a plate that is bolted on so yes if I am remembering correctly it is adjustable