Homestead install alcove ceiling

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New Member
Sep 12, 2023
North Carolina
Howdy folks,
Long time listener, first time caller here. I’m in the middle an alcove build in my single-story rancher for a Hearthstone Homestead with a Selkirk Supervent flue system. I’ve maintained all clearance to combustibles for alcove install as outlined by my stove’s manual. The ceiling of the alcove is a single layer of drywall with wood framing and no insulation (above the minimum clearance) and is where the insulated stove pipe will transition to class A chimney pipe. The area above the alcove is enclosed dead space that is the same DxW dimensions as the alcove and will have two vents on its back wall (into a large closet) to convect. Above that is the original ceiling, insulation and attic. Here’s my questions….
1. My Selkirk manual states “The Decorator Ceiling Support cannot be used when the chimney terminates in a room with a suspended ceiling. When false ceilings are encountered, use a cathedral ceiling support to extend into the room below the finished ceiling.” The terms “false” and “suspended” ceilings are not defined. I’m inclined to think they’re referring to something like a drop acoustical tile system but want to be sure. Anyone know if my alcove ceiling is “false”?
2. Assuming I’m ok using the flat ceiling support, do I need a firestop/radiation shield on top of my alcove ceiling? Seems like the ceiling support acts as the firestop and I’m good up to the next level where there will be the attic insulation shield?

Thanks in advance
In this case I think they mean a suspended acoustic tiled ceiling. These can be suspended on wires which do not provide framing onto which the support box can be attached. In your case, with a framed ceiling, it will be ok. Just follow the instructions for box framing in the support box so that it can be attached to the framing with screws. Note there should also be a firestop and attic insulation shield at the pentration to the attic.
Be sure to meet or exceed the alcove clearances specified for the stove. Also, this stove has high hearth floor insulation requirements. Does the stove have the freestanding 6" legs?

Homestead install alcove ceiling
Yes, all CTCs are met or exceeded, although the minimum distance from back of stove to back wall is not given for alcoves, only max depth. I used the dimension for parallel install plus a couple inches. My unit does have the 6” legs but I’m on a slab so hearth insulation not a concern. Tile under the stove + 18” out front for ember protection.
I just came across an important code that applies here in Chapter 13 of the mechanical code for wood stoves in alcoves.


Solid fuel—burning appliances shall not be installed in alcoves or enclosed spaces less than 512 ft3 (14.5 m3) unless specifically listed for such use.