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juddspaintballs Posted By juddspaintballs, Jan 11, 2011 at 10:41 PM

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    Feb 11, 2010
    I have an issue with my hot water.

    First of all, the sidearm exchanger is run from the bottom tap of the tank back to the top and I'm using a Taco 007 stainless pump to circulate the water in the downtime when I'm not using hot water in the house. I have the pump slowed down with a ceiling fan speed controller since the 007 is far larger than I need, but it was free.

    Anyways, I believe this circulation is kicking up sediment or other debris in my water heater or piping going from the tank to the mixing valve. It keeps plugging up the screen protecting my mixing valve to the rest of the house. When I open the bottom tap on the water heater, no sediment or anything comes out. It's a brand new water heater by the way (installed with the rest of my boiler about a month ago).

    I have a whole house filter on the incoming water line from my well just prior to the bladder tank. The cold water side of my mixing valve never plugs up, just the hot water side.

    So, where can I get a smallish filter that I can put just prior to my mixing valve that handles hot water up to 180 degrees (a possible temperature my boiler can heat the domestic water to prior to the mixing valve). A metal screen style filter that won't be quickly plugged would be IDEAL. I know there's a stainless mesh oil filter available for cars and motorcycles, is there something similar available for domestic water?
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