Hot water heaters

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Feb 26, 2021
I have a 20 year old hot water heater 40 gallon gas .that has a insulating wrap on it in a basement room that is about 10x10 unheated but has a hot water heater boiler (I guess) in it that is my main house heater and keeps this one room at a temperature about 40 or 50 degrees with the water piping extending under the main house that is just dirt and is unheated. Not technical language here for I do not know much in the way of this type of language or equipment. Can I get some suggestions on buying a new hot water heater that would be a more modern one that would supply the plumbing in my house (sinks and toilets)? Thanks... clancey.
I would just call your plumber and tell them you want to replace your water heater with the a similar new unit. You probably don’t use enough hot water to justify the extra cost for any of the more efficient units. And I don’t see any advantage to adding wiring to install an electric hot water heater.
Thanks that was one of my thoughts about replacing it wiring an electric one and I appreciate the information now does it matter for I have a electric range as well as a electric dryer which are both 220---could they plug into these two connections? Just wondering here? clancey
Our 22 year old Rheem 50 gallon LP Power Vent one just took a crap recently (started leaking). I replaced it with another Rheem 50 gallon LP Power vent one. Although I'm pretty sure I will get nowhere near 22 years out of this one. :mad: Hard to swallow when it's probably going to cost $2K! LP Power Vents are PRICEY suckers!

We use ~100 gallons of LP a year between the clothes drier and water heater. Assuming the water heater uses 75% of that and at $2/gal for costs us ~$12 a month to heat our water.
Replacing like for like is probably the least expensive option, especially if the current unit meets all your needs!

For an electric water heater you would need a new circuit run. This isn't hard, but it would add cost.

You may want to ask the plumber if it'd be a good idea to insulate the pipes in the dirt area under your house.
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