How do I fill my Alderlea up?

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New Member
Oct 17, 2023
Middle TN
Love the new Alderlea T6! Have done a quick search of the forum and haven’t seen specifics so I’m hoping y’all with Alderlea can help me. In the vids and discussions, i see folks filling the stove up and letting it burn for hours or overnight. I’ve been taking my time and experimenting with different ways to start, to reload, and to manage the STT (measured with a new GalaFire magnetic thermometer).

Here’s my question…..

I have hardwood, 2 yrs old, kept under a shed roof. Mostly oak, some maple. If I use 2 medium sized pieces the STT goes to 600 within 15-25 min. When I add 3 it gets to 700. Then I have to open the door and separate them to get it to back down to the safe range. In order to get a clean burning 300 I leave the air control open until about 250, close half way until it hits 300, then shut the air control completely. That lets it cruise between 400-550 usually.

I don’t want it to smolder but I sure don’t want an over fire! So how do I load ‘er up for a safe overnight burn?
Thanks for all advice.
Thanks begreen. I watched that vid before I first fired up the Alderlea. Love how you go thru the steps and document it all.

But I’m afraid to load it up that much! Example - last night I had 2 splits going and the STT was 600. When I‘ve put 3 medium sized ones on the temp goes up to 700. I waited 30 min the first time to see if it would come back down on its own - it did not. I separated them as best I could, left-right-center. It took some time for the temp to start to come down and I think it was close to an hour before it got to 600.

So I’ve been only using 2 logs at a time. With subzero temps I figured I need to know how to maximize the heat output.
Wow, I would have to work hard to get the stove top up to 600º on 3 splits. Close down the air much sooner and farther with each increment.
Really? Then just continue as I’m doing? I wondered if having it fuller would mean longer times between reloading but I don’t want to chance getting it too hot - especially since thats the high end of the ‘safe’ zone already! Guess I’ll keep on keeping on. Thanks much