How do I turn off advertisements?

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Sean in the woods

Burning Hunk
Sep 2, 2020
UP, Michigan, USA
The many ads that appear on this website are a distraction.

I understand that running a forum is not free and, at a minimum, the hosting fees and domain name charges need to be paid for. Not to mention the time it takes to maintain the site.

I would gladly pay my fair share to make the ads go away.

How about this? Figure the average ad revenue for a month divided by all active users and add 5%. This could be a per user fee to remove ads.
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Reduced ads
Lots of lots of ads


  • How do I turn off advertisements?
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  • How do I turn off advertisements?
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Yep. It’s bad enough on a tablet. It’s worse on a phone.
Do we have moderators or admins on this site? Is there a better way to get questions answered?
Still waiting for a reply or even an acknowledgement that an admin is monitoring this thread.