How hot is to hot?


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Nov 15, 2017
Smithfield, RI
Did a cleaning today to be on the same side. This is about a month of 24/7 burning. The bigger flakes came from the baffles. Assuming they fell from the chimney cap where there were also some similar size flakes. It's the 2nd year burning. The cap had some discoloration last year but has a bit more now. The circled area is usually where I get my readings and under the vent at the flue collar. Occasionally I see 430-460 at these places with the IR gun about a foot away. Is this to hot? My wood this year is significantly better and I have been getting much longer burns. My chimney is only 13.5 feet.
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Feb 12, 2019
SW Missoura
That seems cool but not terrible. 600ish would be a safe temp to run to i would think tho i dont own the kodiak.


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Dec 16, 2015
New Hampshire
Agree on the 600ish answer above. I run my stove up to the max reading on my IR gun, which I believe is 613 degrees. If it's over that, I try to back things off. That being said a plate steel stove is probably fine to run right up to 700 without problems or so I've heard. You can definitely run hotter than you stated if you can get there, if anything that's a bit cool and might explain the dirty glass, along with less than optimal fuel.
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