How to get sap off gloves?

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Nov 3, 2014
Well I got a nice score of fir but made the mistake of using my wifes nice gardening gloves to load it. Is there a best way to clean the sap off or should I just get her a new pair?
This is why I use the $1 throw-away latex coated gloves from the big box store. I can keep a pair in every vehicle and laying around everywhere and not have to worry about having gloves nearby, or worry about losing a nice pair of gloves because I left them laying somewhere.

Get into a bunch of poison ivy, sap, etc while cutting? Throw them away and bust out a new pair...
I've found that hand sanitizer works well on my skin... I'd give it a shot on the gloves.
The best way to get sap off of work gloves is to do more work with them on. ==c

I suppose the alcohol in hand sanitizer might do it. Basically, try the techniques that work for getting it off your skin, but expect it to take a little longer, both to clean and to rinse. Don't use water until you're ready to rinse.

I've had acceptable results with both GoJo or other abrasive cleaners, as well as butter.

Seriously though, when continuing to work once you've got sap on something, usually dirt will cake up the sap, and once caked, it slowly starts to wear off.
I would stick a safety pin thru them and mark them and just use them for pine pitch wood. But a new pair of gloves is in order.
I have a pair right now that I was pulling poison ivy vines with. The rubber coated kind from my Stihl dealer who isnt stocking them anymore.
Its a bummer, my better judgment is telling me to toss them.
I currently have a case of poison ivy.
hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol might work
I don't bother
I just keep using them until they are hard as a rock and toss 'em

Get the better half new ones and some throw aways for yourself.
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