Do You Use PPE For Loading Your Wood Burner(s)?

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No safety tools at all. The house stove has a 6” deep ash lip to keep coals in and I only load 100% full for cold starts so the splits can be repositioned or removed with bare hands.

Lighting with the propane torch means I can stay several inches away from the fire.
I have a pair of gloves that I keep on the wood box and use them when I fill the box from my wood shed just outside the basement door.

I never use gloves to load the stove and I've had singed hair on the tops of my fingers many times. If I'm trying to get the stove completely full I'll use a poker to move the last couple pieces around.
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Down here is a real thing.
Yup. When I went eyeball to eyeball with a copperhead it was August in North Carolina, I think it was 2005. One of my favorite things about Alaska is there are no snakes up here.
Im burning wood shop scraps at the moment. I use gloves sometimes I guess. For splinters more than anything. I trust myself to not get burnt.
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I trust myself to not get burnt.
until you do.

I've always trusted myself to not fall off a ladder. It happened once when I was 19; carpenter apprentice. I was installing a block line in a wall...hammer bounced back in a bizarre way and claw hit me in the face...8' up onto cement slab...I was fine...still have a scar, but not a big deal...

with welders gloves, you "can" reach into the flames with no ill effects...pick up an ember that has rolled onto the carpet without issue or groping for a metal of the best things I ever started doing :) It really depends upon your loading scenario. My is tedious at best with this Panadero.
The Panadero branded mitten
this is the state of it after about 6 weeks use and I'm a careful user, I don't thrash stuff...
I mean! What is the point?!?
Hence why I went welders gloves

IIRC EcoDesign regs say such a safety device is required to be supplied with the "appliance"
Do You Use PPE For Loading Your Wood Burner(s)?

Do You Use PPE For Loading Your Wood Burner(s)?

Do You Use PPE For Loading Your Wood Burner(s)?
looks like a regular oven mitt,welding gloves do the job
yep, but cheaper quality...oven mitt will last longer for sure

welding gloves are AWESOME!
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Always wear welding gloves!

I have more than a couple burn marks horizontally across my lower arm from both the stove and oven.

A year ago when I had to visit ER, I got placed into suicide watch / mental health section because the Dr's thought those were attempted self harm marks. Had to rest in a gurney right in front of the nurse's desk with a dedicated orderly assigned to watch me none stop including bathroom visits
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Funny welding glove story. When I met my wife she had a condo with a fire place she used for ambiance from saw dust logs. I was burning through a big pile of walnut so I set her up with a bunch of shorts. I also gifted her some gloves for that oh chit moment when something rolls out onto the hearth. I showed her how she can pickup a fully flaming log and handle it safely to do what needs to be done, with the caveat that the instant she feels warm in the gloves she has about 10 seconds before it's REALLY hot.

Enjoying a fire one night and I got up to get a drink and when I came back she was standing on the hearth with a 1/2 burnt log in full flame in her hand playing jinga with it. I expected her to put it back but she was turning it around looking for the perfect spot for it. The first time i raised my voice to her was "put the log down and get the glove off NOW"

OK, I don't know if it's only her that doesn't deal well with a tone of voice that is a command or not but she just looked at me with that pissed of look we all know. That's when her eyes started to grow, she was well into that grace period they offer before the full on 1000 degrees have soaked through. Toss the log and shake off the smoking glove dance was choreographed to the sound of my laughter.

Now I have known for a long time when you tell a kid "don't touch that, its hot" has no meaning until they get burnt, hopfully not badly . This was her moment, I've never seen her do that again beyond picking things off the hearth and tossing them back in.
I keep a pair of standard fleece lined work gloves near the stove. I've only ever used the right one. Usually only use it to rake and load over super hot coals.
Do You Use PPE For Loading Your Wood Burner(s)?
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With a firebox 16 inches deep front to back and small door on the Stanley, welding gloves are often needed especially when reaching in to keep a longer piece parallel.
I keep a leather welding glove next to my stoves in the house. These firebrick lined stoves reflect so much heat, it feels like my skin is getting seared IMMEDIATELY. Quite the opposite of my old Glow Boy stove in the garage. It seems like I can just reach right in.