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  1. forvols

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    Dec 6, 2007
    I was getting ready to place my order with baileys and came up with question hopefully you guys can help:

    The HUSQ 345 I have currently has a factory .325x50 narrow curf bar and H30 chain. I was going to order a carlton 16in 325x50 bar (does not say it is narrow curf) also I was odering chain loops to go with it and selected the oregeon 325x50 narrow curf chain 66 drive links. Chain discription says it will not perform well unless matched to a narrow curf bar. Got me thinking.

    My question unless it specificly states the chain or bar is narrow curf does that mean you should not mix and match chain and bar.
    Guess a better way is do bars and chains come in 325x50 narrow curf and 325x50 non-narrow cruf and you should not mix the two?

    Question 2: If I stay with 325x50 and 66dl(16in) can I shift this 345 from a narrow curf bar and chain setup? Or do I have to stay with the narrow curf?

    Here is the bar I was going to order: 16 SJ50

    and chain 95VP066G

    But I dont think this combo will work ie narrow curf chain and appears a non-narrow curf bar

    I would like to keep the carlton bar so would this chain below be a better / correct choice;=
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    Sep 29, 2010
    Wash. Pa
    To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a bar that specifies NK only chain. (Basically, there is no such thing as a NK bar) Someone correct me if I am wrong about this. NK to my knowledge simply specifies the width of the cutter itself, it has nothing to do with the weather the bar is .050, .058 etc., which is the main concern when choosing a bar.

    Just an example; my 346 comes with a .325, .050, Non-NK. I can simply swap the non-NK chain for NK chain without switching the bar.

    Hope this helps! Someone correct if anything I said is not accurate.
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