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Dec 29, 2016
Sutter Creek, Ca
I purchased a Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 woodstove from Tom at chimneysweeponline.com in December 2013. Tom shipped the stove to me at my home in California. Fast forward to 2021. I called my local Pacific Energy dealer for parts. In the discussion the local dealer told me the baffle box I was inquiring about had a lifetime warranty on it. Since the baffle box had a broken internal weld and was warped, I asked what I need to do to make a warranty claim. I was told I need to contact the business that sold me the stove, "since you didn't buy the stove from us." I tried to do that and learned Tom of chimneysweeponline.com retired in 2019 and closed his business. I called my local dealer back and told them the situation and was met with, " it is not our problem." I called the manufacturer in Canada twice and was lied to both times, with NO return phone calls. Pacific Energy told me I need to call "AES" which I did, twice. I ended up talking to, "I am the new secretary" because her boss was too cowardly to come and talk to me. I contacted the Better Business Bureau for all 3 businesses and submitted complaints. Pacific Energy is not honoring their own warranty. The moral of the story is never buy a Pacific Energy product again. The baffle costs $525.00 to replace, so I guess I get to eat that. Suing Pacific Energy for $525.00 during the Covid crisis is a joke. I offered to provide ANY proof these businesses desire. The local PE dealer told me, "I don't want you to waste our time or yours bringing your proof down here, because we are not going to warranty your stove part." Please pass the word as this is clearly a breach of contract by Pacific Energy.