Opinions and recommendations for a new wood burning stove insert

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Nov 19, 2005
Yep. Also be sure and don’t let the wood touch the back and front of the stove. Allow for your wood to go in north/south and still allow for air flow front and back.

25 years of burnin' and now I find this out?!?! I've been smashin' the first and second rows all the way to the back with the poker, then slamming the door a couple times on the third to get it to shift into place. :)
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Jan 6, 2020
The comment was geared more to first start and complete cold reloads, not reloads on hot coals. It wasn’t something I made up, it was something I’d read in more than one manual, but at least one, of many that I’d glanced at.
Always more than one way to do something. Most people would rather bash an idea than try something new anyway...and as I said, it wasn’t my idea, but it can make some sense if you try to understand air flow within a stove.
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