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  1. P

    Stove selection experiences (Lopi vs Jotul)

    New member, but long time lurker. I’m in the process of selecting a new stove to replace a 15yo Hearthstone Bennington. The stove has started to leak in a couple spots and I was unable to disassemble to replace gaskets. Love the looks and performance, but disappointed by the failure. The stove...
  2. A

    Just had my Osburn 3500 installed

    I will be doing posts over the winter to give a proper review i will not start burning till end October-November
  3. Chris_F

    Opinions and recommendations for a new wood burning stove insert

    Good morning all. It's been years since I've written, but I always enjoy reading your insights into everything relating to my pellet stove and wood stove. Thank you in advance for always taking the time to write helpful advice to novices and amateurs like me! My mom (in her seventies, living...
  4. M

    Creosote Question

    I had an Osburn 2000 Insert installed this past fall and have been burning pretty heavily since mid October. The stove is great and has been able to heat my whole house but I have some concerns about creosote buildup. This past week I noticed some 2-3” chunks of what I think is creosote buried...
  5. C

    1st wood insert - advice please

    I’ve been shopping around to buy my first wood insert (contemporary look only) and I welcome all advice and opinions. These are the inserts I've considered 1) FireplaceX HydraFire Large Flush Wood Insert, Plain Rectangular Front The top-rated local fireplace store (I live 7 miles south of the...
  6. W

    Osburn Wood Stoves

    Had a horrible experience with Osburn wood stove purchase. I ordered the Matrix stove and was told that the door was reversable and it wasn't until after I received the stove and disassembled the stove according to their instructions that the parent company SBI informed me that it wasn't...
  7. D

    Largest wood burning inserts

    I'm in the market for a wood burning insert to help heat a 3000 square foot home. I've done a good amount of research (both online and talking to local professionals) and am thinking of settling on the Osburn Horizon. Before I pull the trigger, I have a couple questions that I was hoping to...
  8. R

    Osburn Matrix Updated Version?

    Hi, I just ordered an Osburn Matrix from Woodland Direct yesterday. Early this morning I noticed that on the Osburn site there is a slightly updated version showing. I thought I might have been imagining things, but I still had an old copy of the page open on my phone and took screenshots...
  9. M

    Osburn 2400 or Quadrafire 5100i

    Hey Y’all- new here and looking forward to discussions! Went to my local dealer and looked at the Quadrafire 5100i and fell in love with it. When I got home did a little more research and came across the Osburn 2400 which seems to burn hotter, have a bigger box and cost less. So what am I...
  10. 3

    Kuma vs Osburn vs ?? - Analysis Paralysis

    Hi folks. In the last few months I've spent an inordinate time here as a guest and thought it's time I jump in to ask for suggestions on my heating situation. I've done lots and lots of reading and analyzing and am having a hard time deciding on 1) stove size for our heating situation and 2)...
  11. W

    Wife needs wood insert recommendations

    Hello everyone, Having spent a somewhat chilly New Year's holiday at our cottage here in Ontario Canada, I'm now researching so that I have good facts to convince my Hubby to get a wood burning insert! Would you kindly share your recommendations with me, as the information is a bit...
  12. Custom ventilated surround on an Osburn

    Custom ventilated surround on an Osburn