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RCR Posted By RCR, Dec 16, 2012 at 10:24 AM

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    Nov 4, 2012
    I will finally be setting up our M55 next Saturday. I went to Mainline in Connecticut to order a ICC Thimble w/ integral OAK. I am doing a 4" corner and out horizontal installation. Where the vent exits the house there is no windows for at least 10' in either direction.The exit will be 42" off exterior grade . The exterior siding is vinyl and it is a standard 5" thick wall. Factoring hearth pad footprint, proper interior air clearences and avoiding a wall stud , the 45 elbow will be right at the thimble.

    1) I assume the stove adapter can be slid directly into the elbow or do you need a length of pipe between adapter and elbow?

    2) Parts dept and I set up assembly at the counter and they strongly suggested using a 24" pipe to exit the house. I looked at ICC's website and the suggest a min of 6" projection for vent outside. I would be having 19" of projection plus whatever the jet cap itself projects with the 24" pipe .I understand having some projection to keep siding clean and to keep the exaust away from OAK intake screen but jeez I would be out almost 2' . Does this make sence ? which leads to my next question...

    3) I do not see anything in the stove manual or vent instructions of creating a upward pitch in the vent that i see on this forum . I understand the concept but is this nessary w/ 4" pipe?

    Thanks in advance
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    1.) Yes, You can put the elbow on the adapter. Be careful not to have any of the joints inside the thimble itself.

    2.) 6" is the minimum distance. Look at the stove manual for their recommendation as well. The farther out away from the house should help in keeping the siding clean. But don't go beyond the stoves recommendation or you could effect the stoves overall performance.

    3.) I have heard pitch is good because it aids in gas flow/draft. Whatever you do, Don't let the pipe droop or go negative as it will aid in ash collecting in that area. Level pipe is probably acceptable in very short horizontal runs. But adding some pitch would be preferred in longer lengths.

    Another thing is the height of the outlet. Check local code to be sure you are at or above the minimum height required.
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    yea, dont go horizontal for anything more than 4'....and I see 4' as something much less than desireable......

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