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Mar 1, 2020
Pretty sure I ended up in the right sub-forum. So I got about 4 good fires out of this before things went sideways. The roping behind the glass and the sealant around the front of it need to be replaced, there's a lovely little leak on the bottom right of the glass door, the inside of the main handle needs to be rebent so it'll make a tight seal, and pic number two is probably why my basement is so damn cold. I was wondering what the name of that part is (the one connecting the exhaust pipe to the chimney) so I can get one and replace it. Also, is there a ballpark number on how heavy this is? The fan didn't kick on the first time until I became a human power conduit when I was fumbling around behind it so I'm guessing the wiring could use a good swap. This is my first wood stove so any other advice or tips on making it run efficiently would be great because it was going through wood fast and the amount of wood burnt to temperature of the room ratio just didn't make sense. Thanks!



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