Increase firebox depth ~1 inch to fit insert?

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Sep 26, 2022
I'm looking to install a wood burning insert into my fireplace, but the specific model that meets my needs requires 19" fire box depth at 22" height, and I've only got 18.25".

Can I put on some sort of 1" fireproof tile on the face to get the depth I need? I'll need to keep the hearth depth within requirements so I couldn't go a whole brick thick. I may need to make adjustments to the surrounding breast plate for clearance as well so would have some flexibility on how to implement the extension.

Looking at the regency ci2700 - really like the performance and flush fit for my space. 2200sqft home, in New England. Complications from preparation for a geothermal system in the future has left me in need of an alternative heat source for the whole winter.

Increase firebox depth ~1 inch to fit insert? Increase firebox depth ~1 inch to fit insert? Increase firebox depth ~1 inch to fit insert?
Talk to your hearth shop. The surround for your insert can have the side returns extended to account for that needed inch. The shop I worked for did that all the time. We had a welder who was a good fabricator & we were able to get 1/8” steel late from a local steel distributor. The finished surround looks very good.
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