Indy area- good deal on an 026 on CL right now!

Bocefus78 Posted By Bocefus78, May 2, 2013 at 10:47 AM

  1. Bocefus78

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    There is a tree svc. truck in the background, so who knows how it's been used... but it sure looks clean for its age! I've never ran one, but they seem to have a loyal following. For $225, Im tempted to buy it and get it ported but then again, I may just port the 361. Someone please buy this so I don't! ::P

    STIHL 026, 18", in Stihl Case - EXCELLENT CONDITION - $225 (Near Downtown)

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Up For Sale is this Just Like New Stihl 026 - made in Virginia Beach. This saw has an 18" and comes
    in factory Stihl case - even has the original bar wrench and instruction/owner's manual. THIS SAW IS CLEAN.

    Saw fires immediately and easily, runs like it should and cuts great. I have Ash, Hickory and Oak to demonstrate on.
    This saw runs as good as it looks, and it looks real good!

    $225 and you are cutting in style.
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  2. smokinj

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    Not bad!
  3. HittinSteel

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    I'd spend the $225 on a port job for the 361
  4. StihlHead

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    I would lightly (woods) port that 026. It looks to be underused and taken care of. I have ported several and they are easy to do and they really scream. That is the preferred 026 with a clear gas tank and a slot in the belly for the pro adjustable oiler upgrade. If it has the adjustable Walbro carb its the best of the best. Early mufflers on them do not really need opening up, later model ones can be easily drilled out. I have owned one and run many ported 361s and in many cases they have been done wrong and do not have any more value. Stock 361s are more desirable around these parts. All of my ported 260s and 026s sold themselves. From lightly to fully ported screamers running at 15,000 RPM.
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