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    I am looking for installation instructions for propane. I have a V.C. ventless Stardance stove, to be used mostly on the occasional evening and the power outages in this area. After contacting my local propane dealer I am finding they want to install ( and charge me for) a much larger setup than I had in mind. What I would like is to link a couple of tanks that could be disconnected and taken for refill and plumb this through to my stove. I know there is at least a regulator involved and some piping information. I am pretty handy but need a source of information. Can you direct me to any books/manuals on the subject? Thanks.


    There is not a lot of DIY information on this type of thing since it is not really done this way in our industry. You should look for this type of information in a RV (Recreational Vehicle) site, since they might have more reasons to do this type of setup.

    Keep in mind that smaller tanks can cause problems with odors due to the fact that impurities are usually concentrated in the lower part of the tank, and smaller tanks run down to that level quickly.
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