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    I recently purchased a stainless steel chimney system (Excel) for my Upland model 207 which we will install in our vacation cottage. A couple of questions,

    1- After reviewing the instructions provided with the system there is something that has me confused. To connect the stove pipe to the insulated pipe am I correct in my assumption that the stove pipe coming off the wood burner is installed with the female end on top?? If this is the case what prevents smoke from exiting the pipe? My dealer says that a stove pipe is installed this way on a wood stove to prevent creosote build up.
    2- Do the joints between each section of insulated pipe need to be sealed?


    The crimped end or smaller end of the stove connector pipe always goes down This is to prevent liquid creosote leakage. Wood stove chimneys work on the principle of negative pressure. If there is any leakage in the joints, cooler air will be drawn into the chimney or connector through the leak. If smoke happens to leak out, you have problems further up.

    The joints between each section of chimney do not have to be sealed, but they do need to fit reasonably tight. The Excel system is quite simple as compared to other chimney systems. Follow the directions and DO NOT take any shortcuts.

    Good Luck!

    Fred K, a Hearth Retailer from the beautiful Northwest.
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