Insulation behind brick wall?

TradEddie Posted By TradEddie, Feb 22, 2012 at 2:19 PM

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    Now that my old slammer insert is gone, the big hole up my chimney is no longer the weakest link in my kitchen insulation/air sealing, so its time to address the next glaring problem. My fireplace is located on a semi-exterior brick wall (to uninsulated unheated garage), approx 15' wide. It appears to be a single course of brick and there is no insulation behind the brick. To create a flat wall on the garage side, two chases were framed out, and these were insulated with fiberglass on the garage side, however the chase was completely open to the attic space over the garage. I temporarily covered this open well and laid down some fiberglass, and this certainly helped, but its time to fix it properly. Each chase/well is big enough to climb down, but not much space to move around, perhaps 4'x3' about 8' high.
    I was considering rigid foam against the brick, glued and sealed. I don't see what purpose the fiberglass is currently serving, I'd probably just rip it out first to make a more comfortable working space. Are there better/simpler options? Could I just fill the wells manually with loose fill, wasteful of materials, but quick on labor? What about around the chimney blocks?

    Thanks in advance.


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