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QandA Posted By QandA, May 20, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Dear Webmaster- We designed and built our home 3 years ago including a hearth- 2' X 4' chase a thimble about 5' up the wall and a Vermont Casting wood burning stove. The chimney is 8" id triple walled stainless steel rated at 2700 degrees and is about 40' high. We can no longer use the stove because of insurance issues but can have a fireplace or an insert. My question is are there reasonably efficient units that can use the pipe that is in place? The pipe cost $2-500.00+ and I hate the thought of replacing it. I have been told that it won"t support a masonry fireplace but I haven"t been able to find anything else that might work. HELP! Thanks in advance.


    Excuse me- but the issue sounds ridiculous...I can't imagine why you can't use a stove...an efficient fireplace works exactly the same as a stove ! In fact- most fireplace inserts ARE stoves- that is they come in a box and one has the choice of putting either legs (freestanding) or panels (inserts) To answer your question- yes- there are many fireplaces and inserts that could use a 8 I.D. Please elaborate on your insurance problem- as it's the first I've ever heard like that.
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