Is my combustion blower officially toast? Perspective needed on my Quadrafire Castile.

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Feb 1, 2022
I’m kind of a newbie, but thanks to many useful posts here, I think I’ve diagnosed a failed exhaust blower on my free standing Quadrafire Castile, but would be grateful for some opinions on if I should go ahead and replace the blower, or if there’s more I can do to further diagnose or fix.
I picked it up used but in seemingly great shape about 3 weeks ago to replace a broken St Croix. It was very clean, and it worked great at first for several weeks. Then over the course of a day or two the fan started to squeak, and then it stopped working when I wasn’t home.

I opened it up, cleaned everything thoroughly, and reset the snap disks, it worked! Obviously as this isn’t the end of my post, my victory was short lived. The fan intermittently stopped working. When unplugged, it spins freely by hand.
I actually gave it a very gentle nudge a few times (with a rubber spatula fwiw) when it was trying to startup, and it actually started whirring into action and would run for a few hours, then quit out again.
Now the combustion fan makes a gentle hum but doesn’t turn on. Surprisingly (to me) the stove will still drop pellets, which smoke a ton but eventually usually catch fire, but the fire doesn’t last.

My biggest clue, I jumped the blower by plugging it directly into the outlet with a cord spliced with spade connectors and got the same low hum, but no fan spinning. Is it officially toast?

I should have mentioned the control box seems to have all the lights function as expected, calls for heat, turn green with heat, I jumped the thermostat as well.

Mt Bob

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Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Ya,get a new one. as long as you are sure your power coming from the outlet is good. You could try plugging it into another outlet/room. You can buy outlet testers pretty cheap, and some surge protectors do it also.
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