Quadrafire Castile no high speed/no combustion

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New Member
Dec 16, 2022
Chilton WI
I have a used Quadrafire Castile that I rebuilt and has been used in my cabin flawlessly for the 3 months. Just yesterday it had reached temp and shut down. About an hour later it wanted to start up again. The combustion motor starts up but when it calls for heat the motor then bogs way down to just a slower spin. Everything is clean and clear. I also noticed that it is on med. the fan runs, but if you try to flip it to high, it bogs down also. High speed signal from the control panel bad? I tested all the snap disks, removed auger to look for obstructions, and reseated the control board. Thoughts?
It's my understanding the the range switch( high medium low) only changes the auger speed.
I also rebuilt a castile and before reassembly I connected all the electronics on a work benck, as I changed ranges I did notice a brief change
in combustion motor speed. I would suspect a heavier tha normal current draw from the auger motor or a problem with the control board.
It sounds like the voltage may be dropping when the fan is trying to run on high. Try testing the voltage at the outlet that you are plugged into. Start your stove and watch to see if the voltage drops below 120 while the stove is running. Make sure to test the voltage from hot to neutral and not hot to ground.
So I ended up testing the supply wires for the exhaust blower. On low I had 105 volts, med 109 volts, and high 119 volts. I removed the blower and hooked up a plug to it and plugged it directly into the outlet. It bogged down. I ordered and replaced the blower motor and now everything works as it should. Something must have shorted out in the motor for when it was receiving full voltage.