Jotul 4 baffle installation

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New Member
Nov 20, 2023
Somerset, NJ
Hello all

I have a jotul # 4 (I think) and the baffle came loose and dropped.
I'm trying to figure how to reattach it and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Can this be done by accessing it thru the door? Or should I attempt to pry off the top of the stove where the exhaust pipe and ring are located?
I've seen photos online where the top has been removed which makes me think this is the way to go. I tried to lift it w a couple of small pry bars and there is some play but I'm afraid to force it for fear damage
Again...thanks for any help......

Jotul 4 baffle installation Jotul 4 baffle installation Jotul 4 baffle installation
Yes, that makes sense. I see now how it fits in there, there's a lip on the back of the stove that holds one end of the baffle up and 2 bolts holding the front in place. It's a heavy piece so I think I'll have to prop it up w a 2x4 while putting the bolts in.