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Nov 27, 2012

We have a Jotul 4 which we want to re-install in another spot. Can you tell us what the recommended offsets are from a combustible wall? (Our house is lined inside with marine ply.) Does it have to have a brick wall behind the stove as well as a brick hearth? We are considering installing a flue collar to produce hot water from our stove. Have you any information about flue collars eg. how well they work with this type of stove, are there any problems with using them, any special installment or maintenance requirements, etc.? best regards Sascha Giles-Peters


I am not familiar with the Jotul 4 stove. See if you can identify and make certain at http://www.jotul.com/en-us/wwwjotulus/

If it is an older Jotul, you'd paobably have to apply the general stove clearances of 36" to a combustible wall. This can be reduced as much as 66% with a sheet of sheet metal (or wonderboard/durarock/brack) spaced 1" from the wall with a ventilated airspace. If the Jotul model is fairly current, your local dealer may have more info. Find your local Jotul dealer at http://www.jotul.com/en-us/wwwjotulus/

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