Jotul 8 Help, please!

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Sep 16, 2019
My landlord installed a Jotul 8 (upgraded from a 600) The chimney configuration is the same. Tested a couple of fires but having trouble with the smoke not going up the chimney even with the glass door open.
Wood is not wet or green.
From what I read, the draft is full open when slid to the right. When I do that, it appears closed.(see last picture)
Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


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Looks like this may be the catalytic version. If so, the knob on the upper right operates the bypass damper which must be open to start the fire.

I have to tell you that this is an illegal installation. There are numerous code and safety violations, starting with the improper hearth, too close clearances, single wall pipe too close to the ceiling, a dubious wall pass-thru, stove pipe being used for chimney pipe which is way too close to the house.