Jotul ash pan gasket (the one not on the door) question?

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New Member
Sep 13, 2021
My F50 only has a gasket around the actual door that joins up flush against the ash pan frame. Thanks for the reminder to check it out. Mine is looking a little worse for wear. I wish they would include that 3/8” gasket in the door kit they sell.

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Huh — that seems weird — a high wear gasket. The F400 kit had it.



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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
-It looks like your ash house gasket (between ash house and stove body) runs long. If that is what I am seeing behind the flat gasket?
I think it was consensus that they did not trim the tail of the ash house gasket. I tried to glue it (made a huge mess when my old tube of high temp RTV blew out the back of the tube.). It did not help my corner seal. I don’t think a really small gap matters that much as I didn’t see much difference in my burning once I added the extra piece. Temp and wind matter way more. Dog house and secondary air even at lowest air setting are probably an order of magnitude larger or more in area.