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    I recently installed a Jotul Firelight stove on the corner of my family room. The draft seems adequate when firing the stove with the catalyst bypassed,(draft control fully open), but really slows down with the damper closed...in fact the glass doors creosote over. I know that the stove is good and hot before closing the damper.

    My installation uses 6 inch ID class A chimney (same as the stove outlet) throughout. The chimney exits the rear of the stove and goes through a 15 and a 30 degree elbow (in the horizontal plane), then through the wall (3 ft length) to the Tee. Then the vertical height is 18 feet. The vertical sections are not enclosed.

    The Tee has a 3 ft section on the bottom side capped with the cleanout cover.


    That stove (the catalytic Firelight) does need a good healthy draft...and you might not have it. The good news is that it will probably improve as the weather gets colder.

    The newest model of the Firelight is now a non-catalytic (year 2000 and after) and may not require as much draft.

    The rear exit, the turns and the exterior chimney are all working against you. The three foot section on the bottom of the tee does not help either.

    1. Make certain all interior black pipe is tightly screwed together. If it is loose fitting at the joints, make sure to seal it with black furnace cement.
    2. Try adding 18" - 3 foot to the top.

    Hopefully, the combination of the above will get you over the top.
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