Jotul gf 400 won’t boost up to usual flame

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Oct 1, 2022
Cape Cod, MA
Soooo, last year I did my usual cleaning (many pipe cleaners through all the tubes and such) and starting of my Jotul gf400 dv but it wouldn’t light all the way. I limped through the winter with it lighting partway. Fully functional, pilot works, thermostat works, natural gas is fine, pressure is fine. Once the flames get to the burner plate it just would do this dinky little flame, smaller than a darn candle light. Does this with glass on or off, so venting is fine.

Getting ready to go at it again this year and guessing it is the burner plate BUT I can only find one replacement online and it over $300. So I want to be sure that is the issue before I buy it.

My question is, does that plate have a mesh in it, similar to the mesh of gas lights and such that may be damaged in between the metal top piece and cast iron bottom piece of the burner plate assembly that could be just a pile of dust now due to age?

Part 155336 if anyone has any secret spots of where to buy one for less that $300

UPDATE -There is a gasket between the metal plate and the cast iron base that was essentially dust, so yes we do need that part.
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