Jotul Series 8 AP (Catalytic)

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Nov 12, 2023
I picked up a 1993 Jotul Series 8 with the ash pan and catalyst. Looks like it has been fired 10 times and in showroom shape. It is blue/black enamel too. Jotul doesn't rate the firebox size and I was wondering what everyone thinks I can get out of the stove for heating square footage. It was between this stove and a new vermont castings encore, but I only spent $1000 on the stove, pipe, some welding gloves, cast iron tea pot, firescreen. House is much bigger than the stove can handle alone, but I figure we'll just run it 100% of the time.

Anyway looking to get everyone's take on the quality of this stove, anything to watch out for, what burn times to expect, ect.

My house has big windows, reasonably well insulated, in a windy area and I'm looking to heat about 1500 sqft with it. Rooms on the far end of the house wouldn't get the heat no matter the size of the stove due to house layout.
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Sounds like a nice find. I love the blue-black enamel. IIRC the stove has around 1.6 cu ft capacity. Expect a 6-8 hr burn typically, but the burn time may be shorter if the stove is being pushed for heat, especially if burning softwood.
How is the Jotul 8 treating you?