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    I am in the process of purchasing a home that has a Jotul stove installed. I am having trouble getting a permit for it as it was installed some 25 years ago- before there were local codes. The building inspector has said that if installation instructions can be provided for a stove of this type- he would go along with it. If not- the stove must be moved out- the chimney altered and the brickwork added on to. Can you please help? Any pertinent- older installation procedures would be a huge help. Thank you.


    The usual procedure when a stove does not have a label - listing or manual- is to install the stove to NFPA (National Fire Protection Assoc.) codes. He really shouldn't (or possibly legally can't) deny you a permit- but rather must make sure the installation conforms to "general" as opposed to specific standards.
    There are some exception. Due to air quality and other concerns, certain states, counties and municipalities do not allow installation or use of older stoves.
    There are some new articles dealing with clearances on our informational area at the link below.

    Link: Link to Jotul Web Site
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