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BrowningBAR Posted By BrowningBAR, Apr 26, 2012 at 11:08 PM

  1. BrowningBAR

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    In regards to woody, the vets feel it may also be a neurological issue. Something about the nerves not functioning correctly on senior dogs. It supposedly effects the back legs more for some reason and it prevents them from moving the legs properly. And there are no meds to aid this issue.

    Penguin will probably be put down within the next week or two. She doesn't seem to be in pain or a lot of discomfort, from what I can tell, but she is not eating and is growing weaker and weaker. The cancer appears to be affecting her ability to swallow and I have not found a substitute that she will eat that is in a liquid base form. I've tried soft cat food mixed with water and stirred into a paste, minimal success. Baby food was a no-go, also.
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    I had a cat with chronic renal failure, which affected her appetite. It was very important to get liquids in her and my vet suggested I get some liver, boil it up, grind it up with some of the liquid it boiled in (I whirred it around in the food processor), to the proper consistency. She ate/drank that when she wouldn't touch anything else. HTH...
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    Not to rush things, but here is something to consider. My last dog that had to be put down had some sort of cancer in her abdomen. Doc gave her a month to about 3 to live in his best guess. She was still eating some and drinking some and would have good / bad days. She was still getting outside for doing duties and such, but just generally was slowing down and sleeping constantly.

    4 or 5 days after she was given the month + to make it and didn't seem in any real discomfort, out of no where she started filling with fluid. Within an hour of first seeing her in the morning where she looked normal she was so filled up that she couldn't move, her eyes were swelled shut, and things declined in every regard very quickly. I just thank god that we were still home and the vet was open so that she could be put down there.

    After that, as much as it hurts, I'll never wait to put one down again.

  4. MasterMech

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    All too often I've seen animals "get better" and seem to have a good run before things go downhill quick.
  5. Adios Pantalones

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    This happens with humans as well- a good day right before that final turn. This happened with my dad- he was eating a steak, sitting outside, had visitors- then a few days later was bedridden and it was less than a week after that. A nurse that we know said it is very common, and almost seems a mercy that they are granted a chance to say goodbye.

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