Kozy-World Propane Heater - Burning Properly?

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New Member
Jan 19, 2019
Southwest Missouri
In my first experience with propane wall heaters, I bought a 10,000 BTU Kozy-World model on Facebook Marketplace. It lights fine, but once it starts running, it looks like the pic below: The right side glows orange and steady, but the left side flickers with a sort of blue haze. Viewed in profile, the left element has hazy blue flames in front of its element, while the right does not. I haven't used this type of heater enough to know whether it's functioning right, or what needs to be fixed if it isn't.

In addition, this heater will only stay running at or near the highest power level - 5. Turned down much below that, it will go out.

Any ideas?

No that s not right. All should be orange. I had one of those but unvented heaters are a health hazard. Too many toxic fumes even with propane. Plus it kept sucking all the oxygen out of the room and going out which is a safety feature. I had to crack a window to keep it going so i lost more heat than i gained. I need the oxygen more than the heater anyway.
Thanks for your input. I understand the drawbacks to ventless propane as a technology, and I am okay with it. However, I would like any additional clarity anybody can provide on what exactly might be wrong with this heater and whether it can be fixed.
Just posting back with the solution for reference. A local propane guy advised me to pull the bottom panel off the heater and blow compressed air (out of a can, not an air compressor) up into the burner feed holes (or whatever those things are). A ton of dust came out, and presto, my heater is burning correctly for the first time. :)