Kozyheat Z42 vrs Heatilator EC42 - Ideas

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Oct 13, 2014
He everyone.
My wife and I purchased a new home last month. The house has a wood burning factory fireplace installed in it (Heatilator EC42).

I fired it up last week and as far as I'm concerned it's complete junk. Only good for ambience. I does not have a blower unit installed, but something tells me it wouldn't help much. Is this a correct observance?

I need a solution that can actually heat my 2000ft. home.

It's my understanding that I can't put an insert into this unit as it could be dangerous, so I'm thinking of ripping it out and installing a Kozyheat Z42 zero clearance fireplace.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I think I will have to run a new chimney liner down the double wall pipe since that probably won't take the heat.

Thanks for any ideas.


  • Kozyheat Z42 vrs Heatilator EC42 - Ideas
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Stay away from the kozyheat z42 i installed one in my home and i am very disappointed. The fire box is not high enough to load wood in.Maximum burn time is 5 to 6 hours. under a hot fire something in the stove clatters quite loud. I'm very disappointed in this unit and would not recommend it to any one!
I had a kozyheat Z42 for four years in my previous home. Never had any problems with it and loved it. We'd load it full - touching the air tubes, and I would get burn times significantly longer than yours. I load it at 10p - go to bed and wake up at 6a (8 hours) to a bed of HOT coals and it was still pumping out the heat. Load it up again - great stove and a perfect option to replace builder grade heatilators. I wouldn't trust a poster with 1 post to their credit and who goes by the name unhappy..... IMO.

There are plenty of Kozyheat users on this forum who are very happy.
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