L.Lange antique stove (burgandy) 1920s? Info needed ...

daftgran Posted By daftgran, Aug 24, 2013 at 7:16 PM

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Nottinghamshire, England, UK
    Hello from Nottinghamshire in the UK. I've just sold my house to live on a Narrowboat (57ft long x 6ft wide) and there is an antique L.Lange stove on board, which will be great for the winter ... but we haven't a clue how to use or maintain it. I know we have to use smokeless fuel, which we can get; but there is no ash can below the firebasket, which is right at the back, and the 'door opening' is quite small and is going to take ages using just a small shovel to get out the ash every day. It has long ridges at the bottom of the stove and we don't know if these were to rest logs on originally for for collecting the ash?
    I'm hoping someone might know if these stoves DID ever have an 'ash can' inside? Or any info on the correct way to use it, so it stays alight all night, and we just have to top it up the next morning.
    Not that our winters are as severe as in the USA! Will try to attach a pic of a similar stove. Thanks to anyone who can offer any info - I've drawn a blank searching on Google for L.Lange info in the UK.

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    That is the smaller Lange. I think it is a model 6303, but I'm not positive. If so, it is much more recent. No, it has no ash pan. Never had one. You can burn wood in it. Let the ash accumulate until it starts spilling out of the door. It actually helps insulate the firebed.
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