Large Fireplace - Efficiency Options

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Oct 7, 2008
Lackawaxen PA
It looks like this is in an old house? New to you? If so, have you looked at the condition of of the fire box and chimney? Have you run this in various weather conditions? I ask, as many fire places just don't burn well. Design issues with draft, down draft, etc. Personally I don't like the fireplace smell when I walk in a house with one. Glass doors could help with the smell. But most are not the glass required for running closed. Just ask my brother. All is why you find most fireplaces not used.

But if all the above checks out and you can and want to use it as a fireplace. It's just that, not much of a heating device. For real heat, the easiest solution is an insert with a nice glass front for a fire view, just my thoughts.


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Oct 27, 2021
Maplewood, NJ
If you don’t want the stove to stick out of the fireplace very far you need to get a top vent stove. You can hook a rear vent up to a T but it will stick out 12-18” further. They make angled appliance adapters and bends in stove pipe. Your existing flue will dictate is your can use a rigid liner most common to use flexible liner but it’s not super flexible 18-24” minimum radius bends. If you have shorter stove think about how to make the liner connection pretty as it will be seen. The liner connects directly to my appliance adapter on the stove. Same on the insert. The insert connection is ugly and needs addressed. The stove connection you can’t see. With 36” height you have many more options than I did.

Think about if you want a catalytic stove and where the bypass handle is. With your width it’s not that big of an issue. Just something to consider.

Depending on firebox construction you can make a little room by altering the top course of fire bricks. Grinding, or resetting different angle or further back.

Start by making good measurements so you can see just how deep the firebox is at different heights. The angled connections can give you a couple more inches but that depends on a many factors.

Let the stove shopping and manual reading commence. For looks check out Stuv (single burn rate not much feedback about quality or function). MF nova falls into that catagory (it’s catalytic). 25” dearth is a limiting factor.

Another course of brick could be laid down on the floor to raise up the stove to center it.

That 25” depth is gonna be tricky


I made a mistake in my initial post (and can't figure out if I can edit it) the depth is 29" rather than the 25". So still not a ton of space but a bit more than the 25"