large flush wood hybrid-fyre xtrodinair insert

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Dec 29, 2022
Oakdale ny
the insert is 4 years old. A week after I had the insert cleaned I found a 2x3 1/4 piece of metal (i think tin) with a bolt hole in the top, on the floor of the insert. My dealer said they don't recognize the part. Since then I've heard banging like metal expanding and contracting . can anyone help?
I have to take mine apart again today. My cat is plugged up again. My bypass is also getting hard to push in. So, I have to drop the tubes and plate. I'll see what is behind there. But, to answer your question quickly, I can't think of what fell off on yours. Mine is 6 years old. I love it and hate it. I hear they now make it without a catalyst. I can't imagine why.......... I only have gone through 3 in 6 years and have to take the damn thing out every 2-3 months to clean it. I burn 24/7 and now have a steelcat. Ceramic cats do not last in my insert. They definitely get licked by flames from draft. I made a deflector, with the help of a member here.
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I spent a couple hours cleaning the cat and the cat temps now reach 1200+ again. When I engage the cat, it no longer looks like I choked the fire out. I just hate the fact that this cat needs so much damn maintenance. Beautiful instert, but high maint.