Liberty Bricks in No. VA


Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2017
Woolwich nj
After reading a bunch of threads on compressed wood bricks/blocks, I have decided I like the idea of having some to supplement my wood supply as well as just having some for "just in case" times. My original plan was to get some from Tractor Supply, but then I discovered Liberty Bricks on this site. At $170 a ton it is a pretty good price.

The weekend after next, I am going to go pickup a pallet of Liberty Bricks down in Doswell, VA. I have room for one more pallet in my truck. If anyone is interested in helping cover fuel costs, I will pick up a pallet of Liberty Bricks and bring them to your house in Fairfax County. If you aren't too far off of 95 on my way north from Doswell I can accommodate that too.

So, send me a PM if you are interested.
I'm no where near you, but thats a really nice offer..